Sunday, February 5, 2012

Basant Panchami Mahotsav & Inauguration Ceremony of "Madhav Mission English"

           Once more an enthralling function of “Glorious Saraswati Pujan” was celebrated like previous couple of years at Luxmi Infotech & Education Point, Jagadhri run by Luxmi Commercial College under Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi i.e. 28.01.2012.
            “Siddhashram Pranit Viraat Vidyaragyi Maha Neel Saraswati Sadhna Pujan Anushthaanam” was done by approximately 350 students, staff members and other special guests.  Sh. Naval Arora, Secretary, Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri who has already titled & honoured with “Jyotish Vidya Shree” and awarded with “Tantra Bhushan” from “Bharatiya Vedic Jyotish Sansthanam, Varanasi” was on “Vyas Peeth” who performed and chanted Mantras for all.  It was a 100% free pujan and all the important articles like flowers, Saraswati Stone, Vermilion, Kamal Beej, Saraswati Yantram etc. were provided to devotees by the Trust & Institute.
            At the very outset, in the opening ceremony of the programme, Sh. V.K. Sharma, C.M.O., Distt. Yamuna Nagar was the special invited guests.  He performed Guru Pujan, Ganpati Pujan and Chantd various Vedic and Tantrokt Mantra.  Sh. Naval Arora, Director Luxmi Infotech & Education Point, Jagadhri said, “Everyone must perform Saraswati Pujan Anushthanam to make tremendous progress.  If any dull student also go through the Pujan once in life at least, Bhagwati Paramba makes him intelligent and the way of progress gets clear.  The Mantras related to Sudarshan Chakra, Bhairvastra and Pitambra were also chanted.
            In the closing ceremony, Chaudhary Akram Khan, Hon’ble Deputy Speaker, Assembly of Haryana was the Chief Guest.  The members, students and Officials of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Ch. Akram Khan.  At 11:30 AM the Convoy of Deputy Speaker entered on School Road.  There was sufficient Police arrangement on the road.  The Convoy of Chief Guest stopped at the doorstep of Luxmi Infotech & Education PointMr. Deputy Speaker was in the safety circle of Black Commandos and Cops.  Sh. Suresh Kumar Arora Advocate, Chairman Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri welcomed Ch. Akram Khan alongwith other members of The Trust.  In the Pujan Pandal students and other officials welcomed the Chief Guest by clapping.  Hon’ble Chief Guest also worshipped Goddess Luxmi and Saraswati. 
            It was a Red Letter day in the History of twin city and for Luxmi Infotech & Education Point, Jagadhri as the Joint Director of the institute Sh. Umesh Arora’s book namely “Madhav Mission English” was also to be inaugurated by the Holy Hands of Hon’ble Deputy Speaker of Haryana.  Ch. Akram Khan inaugurated the book and hundreds witnessed it.  Addressing the Public, Ch. Akram Khan said, “I do extremely glad and convinced with the sincere efforts of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri and Sh. Umesh Arora who has shown a new path to the public of Haryana and it is worth praising that a gentleman like Mr. Umesh Arora has really worked hard by writing so nice book for the benefit of students and for mankind at the very less age of 29.”  He also blessed the students of Luxmi Infotech & Education Point by distributing the certificates of “Gayatri Mantra Lekhan” project run by Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri.
            Then, Hon’ble Chairman of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri, Sh. S.K. Arora Advocate honoured Deputy Speaker by presenting a memento.  After tea party, Hon’ble Deputy Speaker visited the institute and there has also been a decent dialogue among the Chief Guest and officers as well as members of Laxmi Trust, Jagadhri.  After it, with additional glory the convoy of Chaudhary Akram Khan returned their destination. 
            At the ending of the Programme, Community Lunch [Bhandara] was organized for all.  In the programme Pandit Navrattan Dev Sharma (Haryana State Brahmin Sabha), Sh. Jagdish Ji Bhaskar (Haryana State Dharamacharya Pramukh), Sh. Gopal Saha [Manager, Canara bank), Sh. Pawan (ABRC), Sh. Rajinder Sharma (Principal, Saraswati Model School, Jagadhri) etc. were also present. 

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